Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Modern Sculpture

Modern sculptures have evolved since ages and changed their forms since decades. Today, modern sculptures are available in many types making them highly appreciable and exciting. Here are some striking characteristics of modern sculptures.

wall art sculpture
•One striking feature of modern sculptures is that these can be practiced outdoors. They can be accomplished in full view of all spectators providing them a quick look of the creativity involved in the making. Modern sculptures are of many forms in which the most accepted form is the wall art sculptures, usually used as beautiful decorative items.

Fish - ice sculpture
Ice sculptures are an important aspect of modern sculptures. These are very rare types of formation where the main raw material used in making is ice. Ice Sculptures are accepted in a lot of countries such as China, Canada, Russia and also Sweden. Snow sculptures are a new variety of the snow sculptures designed specially by carving out a piece from a single block of solid snow. Snow, which is used in the making of modern sculptures, is used in a densely packaged form.

Kinetic Sculpture
•Kinetic Sculptures is another form of modern sculptures which are designed for moving freely. You will find such sculptures in different entertainment zones and theatres.

•Sound sculptures are sound systems and are designed to produce some great kind of sound depending on the environment on which they are used. These sound sculptures are usually site specific and are designed keeping in mind the requirement of the place. They are best placed in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and in theaters.

art toys
•Art toys are one of the most striking characteristics of every contemporary art form. The idea of having sculptures with toy motifs have become a common feature now. The use of such a format by artists started becoming prominent since 1990s today, Art toys are one of the best representations of modern art. 

Most recognized artists of modern scupture are:
Auguste Rodin
Pablo Picasso
Marcel Duchamp and the readymade
Constantine Brancusi

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